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INSPIRACIÓN DEL CORAZÓNShort Films from the Heart



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15+ (exemption)

Eight new short films from Spain, and one from Mexico, showcase a spectrum of romance and heartbreak in the modern age. From lovers scorned to lovers imagined, from emotional manipulation to emotional enlightenment, each offer a glimpse into the definitive moments and unforseen emotions that alter our lives forever. Curated in the vein of Paris Je T’aime and New York, I Love You, lose yourself in these Spanish stories from the heart.

Love Is More Than I Can Handle

DirectorJavier Giner | 19 min

Samuel is 10 years old and madly in love with Lucia. Lucía is 12 years old and has a master plan to get rid of the only obstacle in her life preventing her from becoming what she desires.

Fast Food Romance

DirectorAlberto Arellano | 3 min

What do these things have in common: A call from heaven, a sandwich of fairy floss, one hypnosis and a weird theory based on a worm and a buddhist?

The Carpathians

DirectorDaniel Remón | 11 min

Carolina and her older sister Susana get home after one too many at Carolina’s hens’ party. Susana, a forty-year-old married woman with two kids, has an announcement to make. She’s leaving the country with another man…

I Do Well To Remember

DirectorCésar Roldán | 9 min

Dementia and alzheimers undoubtedly bring drama, but some grandparents and grandchildren can also see humour in the situation.

Merry Christmas

DirectorHéctor Rull | 9 min

Antonio has just five minutes before Lucía comes back from the bathroom…

On The Rooftop

DirectorDamiá Serra Cauchetiez | 11 min

It’s summer time. Each afternoon Adrián and his friends climb to a rooftop to spy on a girl who sunbathes naked. Today they’ll realize that one of them is more interested in a guy showering in a close building.

Party Of Two

DirectorEugenia Llaguno | 14 min

A couple’s anniversary dinner takes an unexpected turn when a series of revelations derail their happy relationship.


DirectorAlberto Ruiz Rojo | 7 min

One man’s trip to the photobooth reveals more passion than he expected.


DirectorPedro del Río | 11 min

María asks Jorge for a lighter and continues her ordinary way to the office unaware that what started as a regular day could not be so…