Beyond España
Australian Premiere

A Ticket To Your Life


Esther Lozano


2015, 60 min, AUSTRALIA/SPAIN
15+ (exemption)

Neus, Sergio and Denis embark on a trip to Australia to escape the economic crisis in Spain and start a new life. The daily struggles to rebuild their careers, resolve their legal status and navigate their way through emotional challenges, will make them consider whether it is worthwhile or not to live so far away from their home and culture. In this journey, they meet Mari Paz, Elias and Tomás, three senior Spanish migrants who travelled the same path fifty years ago.

A Ticket To Your Life explores how human nature deals with uncertainty and adventure, and how we are all longing for a place to call home.

Esther Lozano, Director: Esther Lozano is a multimedia journalist and independent documentary filmmaker with an extensive career both in Australia and Spain. Her previous works include the documentary which screened on the ABC Between the Lines, the Initiation of Adam Hill, an observational work on an Aboriginal artist who struggles with his identity.

Not screening in Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane.